Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Last Monday, I went to a Government Dental Clinic nearby to check on the toothache I had since a few days ago. Cost of registration is just RM1 for citizen. Had blood pressure checked prior to being called in to the dental room. Just a short waiting time, I was called in. According to the dentist, the previous filling of my second molar already started to crack. In order to perform a proper filling, dentist suggested that I may need to undergo minor surgery at the hospital to remove my slanted wisdom tooth. However, my dentist told me that she will try to perform the extraction procedure which save me much hassle.

With two jabs of local anesthesia, my wisdom tooth finally got extracted out after several attempts including cutting a portion of the tooth to ease the extraction. I felt slight pressure during the extraction and not much pain as the area of my wisdom tooth already numb. Subsequently, the second molar was filled up temporarily and I was told that I need to come back two to three weeks later after the pain is gone completely for a root canal as dentist informed that my tooth has infected badly till the root which cause me pain when I chew.

After all the treatment completed, I had to continue to bite the gauze for some time to prevent bleeding and was prescribed Mefenamic Acid capsules to relieve pain. The cost for the extraction and filling was only RM4.

For two days, I had to consume soft, non hot or spicy food as it is a bit painful at the gum area where the tooth was removed.

Found some info below on wisdom tooth extraction which are quite informative.

Root Canal Treatment

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